Climate Services in Bahamas and South Africa

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 In April, the second international training course on Global Framework of Climate Service (GFCS) was held in WMO Regional Training Centre Beijing. The course contents include the introduction to GFCS, CFCS(China Framework of Climate Services), FODAS (Forecast System on Dynamical and Analogy Skills), seasonal forecast method, etc. More than 20 foreign and domestic trainees attended the training course. Mr. Rudzani Malala, regional manager of South African Weather Service, and Ms. Shayvonne Moxey-Bonamy, senior meteorological officer of Bahamas Department of Meteorology accepted the interview of China Meteorological News Press.


Source: http://www.cma.gov.cn/en2014/2015Interview/20160428/index.html


Early warning system of South Africa is effective

Early warning system  of South Africa is well coordinated. We have got different structures like the disaster management centers, which is operated in national, provincial and local levels. If the severe weather like tropical cyclones, floods, thunderstorms, tornados is coming, we will use early warning system to disseminate the information to the disaster management structures and implementing agencies. Then the information will also be disseminated to the public. In terms of triggering our early warning system, it's quite active. The accuracy of forecasting is over 80%.