CMATC held the International Training Course on McIDAS-V Software Application in Satellite Meteorolo

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CMATC held the International Training Course on McIDAS-V Software Application in Satellite Meteorology, 11 June,2012, Beijing.


Jointly sponsored by China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and CMA Training center (CMATC), the International Training course on McIDAS-V Software Application in Satellite Meteorology was successfully organized by CMATC from 11 to 21 June 2012 in Beijing. In the morning of June 11, Ms. JIAO Meiyan, Deputy Administrator of CMA, made a welcome speech at the opening ceremony.


This 11-day training course is designed tohelp trainees to learn how to use the sophisticated software packages of McIDAS (Man Computer Interactive Data Access System) to acquire, display,analyze, interpret, and manage the geophysical data, such as satellite and radar imagery, real time observational reports, and gridded numerical forecasts, so as to improve the application and analytical skills in the satellite data interactive processing technology, to enhance the problems-solving capability in the application process and to boost the McIDAS research for participating countries. Three McIDASprofessionals from University of Wisconsin, U.S.A, were invited to give lectures on McIDAS. Meanwhile, top experts in Chinese meteorological satellite fields taught related knowledge on FY meteorological satellites.

 The training course provided an opportunity for trainees of all backgrounds to broaden their knowledge and technology of satellite through first-hand experience in carrying out satellite data analysis. Participants from developing countries, who are engaged in meteorological satellite operation and research management, got professionally trained.

 On 21 June, the course came to the conclusion. 18 trainees from 15 countries actively involved in the closing ceremony, all the trainees representing their own country and their Service expressed gratitude towards CMA and CMATC. They thought the course is well organized and expected to come again for further study in China.


All participants for this Course are in the field of software engineering and satellite meteorology, respectively from Uzbekistan (1), Malaysia(1),Korea (2), Namibia(1), Rwanda(1), Zimbabwe(1),Zambia(1), Indonesia(1), Kenya(1), Mongolia(2), Pakistan(1),Thailand (1), Sierra Leone(1),South Africa(1), Libya(1), Yemen (2).


As WMO Regional Training Centre Beijing, and as the Center of Excellence WMO/CGMS Virtual Laboratory, CMATC has hosted 4 meteorological satellite international workshops in the past. All of them have achieved great success and gained high appraisals and support from the participants. These successes are closely related to the encouragement and support of superior manager in Department of International Cooperation of CMA and CMATC.