International Training Course on McIDAS-V Software Application in Satellite Meteorology held in CMAT

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The International Training Course on McIDAS-V Software Application in Satellite Meteorology was successfully held from 7 June to 17 June 2011 at CMATC, Beijing. Dr. XU Xiaofeng, Vice Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and President of China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC), gave his warm welcome to all participants, at the opening ceremony on June 7th .


As is well-known, the application of meteorological satellite is of vital significance in the improvement of meteorological prediction accuracy and service efficiency, which is a crucial ingredient to speed up a national meteorological modernization. CMA has attached great importance to the development and application of meteorological technologies, especially in fields of satellite and radar, which have achieved remarkable progress.


As WMO Regional Training Centre Beijing, and as the WMO/CGMS virtual laboratory centre of excellence, CMATC has hosted 3 meteorological satellite international workshops in the past. All of them have achieved great success and gained high appraisals and support from the participants. Through these courses, the participants from developing countries, who are engaged in meteorological satellite operation and research management, got professionally trained. We believe that their meteorological satellite application ability has been enhanced, and we also expect a promotion of satellite data and satellite products in these developing countries in the application of meteorological operations.


Based on our past experiences, we hold such an international training course on McIDAS Software Application in Satellite Meteorology. The co-sponsors this time include three: CMA Training Centre, CMA National Satellite Meteorological Centre, and University of Wisconsin-Space Science and Engineering Center.The course is designed to help trainees to learn how to use the sophisticated software packages of