CTWF2011 Participants Visit CMA Operational Units

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The 10th CAS-TWAS-WMO FORUM was held in Beijing on 26-29 September, 2011, with the theme on regional climate change and its impact assessment. About 40 young scholars attended the forum, including 25 international participants coming from Brazil, Egypt, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Nepal and Mongolia.


On the afternoon of September 28, 2011, participants of CTWF2011 workshop, accompanied by some international training members from Department of Training Development of CMATC, visited four operational units of CMA: the National Climate Center, the Central Meteorological Observatory, Beijing Huafeng Group of Meteorological Audio &Video Information (BHFG), and the National Meteorological Exhibition Centre.


Considering the background of participants and training topics, we first visited the National Climate Center, where the climate experts made a clear introduction to the present climate research and the basic business situation. In the BHFG, a few visitors caught an opportunity to imitate the weather broadcaster in the studio and took pictures happily. Experts in the Central Meteorological Observatory also gave a detailed description of various kinds of weather forecasting services in China. The prediction of the track of typhoon aroused great interests of the visitors, who raised a lot of questions on it, and all were given a satisfactory answer. Displayed in Meteorological Science and Technology Exhibition Centre were a lot of new models to celebrate the 60th anniversary of CMA. These demonstrated part of China's great achievements in meteorology in the past 60 years.  All visitors were attracted by the variety of satellite meteorological model, equipment of weather modification, automatic observation station model, and Space-based observation system model. They listened attentively, asked many questions, and took group-photos, feeling fruitful.


At the end of the visit, all participants expressed their appreciations to the warm and thoughtful visit from CMA and CMATC.