Interview with 3 experts from WMO

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 Subordinated to China Meteorological Administration (CMA), CMA Training Center (CMATC) is a national higher continuing education and on-the-job training institution for the meteorological departments. It is also designated as the Beijing Component of WMO Regional Training Center (WMO RTC Beijing) in China. Over the past decade, CMATC focuses on the needs for developing Chinese meteorological service, and for building up qualified human resources.


On April 28, 3 experts sent by WMO——Ms Vilma Castro (the team leader), Mr. Yinka Adebayo and Ms Zhang Qinghong went to the WMO RTC External Assessment for WMO RTC Beijing. In the morning of April 30, these experts accepted the interview of Kong Yan, journalist of China Meteorological News Press.


Kong: First of all thank you very much accepting my interview. My first question is: Is the external assessment to be held once every 8 years? Until now, how many assessments have you taken?

Vilma Castro: Approximately in every 8 years. For example, WMO determined CMATC to be Beijing Component of WMO