The 14th Advanced English Training for Foreign Affairs Ends

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 English Training for Foreign Affairs Ends Today

(Jun. 11, 2010)
The 14th advanced English Training course meant for management personnel engaged in Foreign Affairs ended this morning. Zhang Junxia, Deputy Director General of CMATC attended the closing ceremony and made a speech full of best wishes for the trainees going back.
This training program, starting from May 5 to June 11, lasted about 5 weeks. Twenty two participantscoming from different provincial meteorological departments across China attended the training.
Unlike any other English Program, this special training focused on speaking and listening along with practical writing. Since most trainees were non-English majors, an American native speaker was invited to teach in oral English class to better their English communication with foreigners. Besides, English cultural backgrounds and customs such as dining etiquettes, social courtesies,overseas travel, education, medicare and some major religions were introduced.
To enhance the trainees’ comprehensive abilities in foreign affairs, lectures on CMA foreign affairs and interpretation were offered. Other topics of practical English in foreign affairs covered: passports, application for visa, invitation letters, reception, schedules and appointments, transportation, emergencies, food and cuisine, recreational activities, sightseeing, festivals and holidays, shopping, ceremonies and press conferences, meetings and negotiations, international exhibitions, government, farewell, etc.
Withonly 36 days to study, all the participants faced a very tight timetable. However, over 90% trainees were satisfied with the overall training design and arrangement, and admitted that they achieved much through this training. They hoped more chances like this would be given in future, when asked opinions about this special kind of English training programs in the closing ceremony.