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A Brief Introduction to China Meteorological Administration Training Centre

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 China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC), originated from its predecessor the Beijing Meteorological College, was established in 1999. It is the only comprehensive, specialized and high-level education and training institution for Meteorology in China.


Domestically, CMATC is a national higher continuing education & on-the-job training base for meteorological departments. Internationally, it is also designated as Beijing Component of WMO Regional Training Centre in China, and recognized as WMO/CGMS Virtual Laboratory Centre of Excellence.


The Centre is mainly involved in: continuing education for the administrative staff at middle and/or higher levels and the professionals with intermediate and senior titles in meteorological departments; training on meteorological operations and related high-tech promotion and application; training for operational instructors; meteorological distance education; compilation of meteorological training materials; guidance to branch centre and training centre at provincial level; training for meteorological professionals and managerial staff from Asia and other developing countries.


Besides, CMATC has the national meteorological literature centre, and it also serves as a research and advisory body of CMA, tasked with CMA meteorological development research along with human resource exchange and international cooperation service.


As an Institute, the Centre has a core team of dedicated and well-known experts, with a host of young and mid-aged academic backbones. At present, it has a-faculty of 206 members, including one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, three doctoral supervisors, and eighty professionals with senior technical titles.


Over the past years,in order to enhance the high-level professional education and training, the development of meteorological service and the team build-up of professionals have been the focus of the Centre. With innovations, an integrate system has been established, with priority on modern meteorological training, management training, distance education, and international training, supported by intelligence information and consulting services. This includes the establishment of two training bases and three platforms for resource-sharing. Now that the Centre has a normative training management system, with Institutionalized training courses and teaching materials, along with a series of simulation environment for training practices, such as Modern Weather Forecasting Laboratory, New Generation Doppler Weather Radar Laboratory, and Synthetic Observation Laboratory, all closely linked with meteorological operation.


Looking forward, as Meteorological Cadre training Institute of CMA, CMATC will continue working around the overall strategy and all-round development of the meteorological service, strengthen the core training ability in accordance with the training requirements,and improve its quality on meteorological education and training home and abroad.So that through unremitting efforts, the Centre can exert a principal role in the high-level meteorological training, serve as a model in modern meteorological operational trainings, play a core role in training disciplines and teaching materials, and take the lead in meteorological training activities.